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Can I buy the products you use in Diamond Resorts accommodation...

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Can I buy the products you use in Diamond Resorts accommodation ie bed linen, pillows, etc?

Yes you can!

At Diamond Resorts International® we recognise that having a great night's sleep is paramount to having a great vacation.  We are sure you will agree!

We have taken great care to ensure that all our furnishings are of a very high standard and we are very proud of the quality of the products we have in our managed accommodation enjoyed by all our guests.  We are also delighted that we can share these products with our owners, members and guests should they wish to purchase the same products for the comfort of their own home.

Anyone can view all that we have to offer on www.discovermydiamond.com

This is a completely separate website and you will be required to register for this prior to being able to make any purchase.

Regrettably, these products are only currently avaiable to US residents. 

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