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US - What is the "ARDA-ROC" voluntary contribution? Do I have to...

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US - What is the "ARDA-ROC" voluntary contribution? Do I have to pay it and is it part of the assessment fee?

ARDA-ROC PAC stands for American Resort Development Association Resort Owners Coalition Political Action Committee.  This Committee enables owners to engage government officials at all levels in constructive, ongoing dialogue and to participate in policy decisions affecting their vacation ownership experience.  Year after year, timeshare owners are targeted by federal, state and local law makers searching for various ways to raise revenue, and this committee is dedicated to protecting your economic interests.  ARDA-ROC PAC contriubtions are political contributions not deductible for federal income tax purposes.  You may refuse to contribute or contribute more or less without reprisal or otherwise affecting your membership.  Only US citizens or permanent resident aliens (green card holders) may contribute to ARDA-ROC PAC. 

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