Good Password Practices and Advice

When registering on any site everyone should choose a good password that will be hard to work out or 'crack'. 
Our advice and guidelines for securely logging into are as follows. 

When registering log in details and creating a password:
  1. Contain 1 or more numbers
  2. Contain 1 or more letters
  3. A password should be 8 or more characters long
  4. Use a mix of numbers, letters and non-dictionary words to create strong, hard-to-crack passwords  
  5. Avoid dictionary words or names in any form
  6. Refrain from using common mis-spellings of dictionary words (including replacing a letter "l" with the number "1" etc) 
  7. Refrain from using any personal words/names as held on your account ie your name or any name associated with your account, house number/name, street, city, etc 
Do not :
  • give your password to anyone for any reason
  • use the same password for multiple systems
  • store your password in a browser or application
  • send your password in reply to an email
  • click links or attachments in emails unless you know the sender and you were expecting the message
  • have your username the same as your password and vice versa
Please do remember that your password is like your signature; giving it to other people is like providing them with the authority to sign your name and implies that whatever they do has your approval. 

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