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I am a new user of DiamondResorts.com, how do I register?

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I am a new user of DiamondResorts.com, how do I register?

Firstly, welcome!  We are delighted that you are looking to register online.  Our online services are always being improved to be sure that we provide you with the latest information, live reservation booking facilities, membership information, promotional offers and lots more!  Once you have registered and accessed your account online, let us know via the Contact Us option if you feel there is anything we are missing or could improve upon.  We would be delighted to hear from you and learn about your experiences with us!

So, let's get started ...

To access your online account at DiamondResorts.com you first need to register.

Select Register which can be found at the top right hand corner of the page, followed by 'I want to register my account'.

You will be required to complete the Secure member Registration page by entering your Customer Number (your membership number) and your Home Telephone Number. The final page requires you to select a Username and Password together with your home phone number and email address.  You can always change details once your registration has been completed and you are able to access your account online.

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