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How can I retrieve my Username?

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How can I retrieve my Username?

A Username can be retrieved online by selecting Login at the top of the Home page which will take you to the general login page. 
On that page you will see the standard Login boxes to complete - to the right of these boxes you will see 'Member Login Support' and underneath this is a link entitled 'Forgot Username?'.

Please be aware that you will need to have your membership and/or contract reference numbers handy as these are required to verify your identity. 

Please enter your first and last name, either your Membership* or Contract* number and telephone number (this needs to be the primary telephone number registered to your membership) OR name, zip/postcode (no spaces). 

By selecting Submit your username will be displayed on the screen along with a box for you to enter your Password.

* The '?' showing at the side of these boxes will explain where you can locate these reference numbers. 

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